What are Stylescapes?

Category Date 23. September 2019 Author

Stylescapes ™ bridge the gap between design thinking and the creative process.

Prior to the Stylescapes ™, in our CORE strategy meeting, we worked with our clients to develop brand attributes, priorities, and define the customers and / or target audience.

With this important information we can put ourselves in the position of the users and develop a deep understanding for customer, target group and objective. This enables us to develop needs-based solution strategies and to offer sustainable benefits.

We bundle the information gathered in a first visualization – the Stylescape ™.

Some also know them by the term moodboard. It’s a collage, a small pitch of ideas and groundbreaking for the design process. Stylescapes ™ include colors, shapes, imagery, typography and ideas on possible products and results of further work.

It is the visualization of the results of our strategy meetings and a valuable basis for decision-making in the development process of a new brand or in the rebranding of a company.

Stylescapes ™ provide better results and fewer correction runs.

We are not the inventors of this concept but rely on the knowledge and experience of the extremely successful American design agency Blind. Chris Do and his team share their experiences in academia thefutur with other creatives. This enables us and our customers to benefit from enormous industry knowledge.