Why we are not a full service advertising agency

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Full service advertising agency?

Granted, it’s a double-edged sword. If a company needs professional support, an advertising strategy, re-branding or a design service, some of the most relevant search terms are advertising agency or full service advertising agency. The term is well known and provides traffic and leads.

The problem with this relationship with a full service advertising agency is that it describes everything and nothing. In addition, this collective term is used by many in the industry who promise everything and do little.

It is not the breadth but the depth that really defines expert status and added value.

We firmly believe that our customers deserve the advice and support of an expert. This ensures benefits and sustainability.

We are experts in branding and have a clear focus on branding , graphic design and web development .

For the rest we have built a great network with which we are happy to offer benefits. We are happy to take over the coordination here and make it easy for you to achieve great results.

We changed our claim on design agency some time ago. It is better than a full service advertising agency.

We are still not really satisfied with it.

Marty Neumeier describes in his book “The Brand Gap” an agency concept that is really appropriate for us with “Brand Agency”. So it may well be that we will work on our claim and wording again in the near future.

We’ll be happy to explain what that means in our next blog post.

We believe it is quite good to check and question your own appearance from time to time. What do you think?