The CORE Workshop – Up to the Core of Your Company

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braindinx CORE Workshop

The CORE Workshop: It’s really hard to define a brand. It’s even harder to design a website for a user we do not know or understand. There are innumerable questions: Which content is important? Which functions should we include? What is important to the customer? Where are the priorities?

“The secret of success is to understand the other’s point of view.”

Henry Ford.

The gap between strategy, business and design requires a completely new way.

This is where the CORE Workshop comes in.

The CORE Workshop

The CORE Workshop is methodology based on the approach and the principle of “Design Thinking“.
It is a systematic approach to complex problems and tasks from the customer and user point of view. The approach goes far beyond the classic design disciplines such as design and design.

Our goal is to enable us to understand the needs of your customers and find creative solutions to meet those needs. The workshop is the foundation for an effective and focused approach to an extensive branding project. Together, we work out why your solutions and offers are relevant to your customers.

The workshop includes:

  • The definition of the customer
  • The prioritization of goals
  • The concretization of your brand


For the workshop to be successful, the participation of the CEO / CEO of the company is essential. It’s about the core of the business.

Representatives of individual departments, marketing and QMs should also participate. So you can make important statements and decisions quickly and easily. This avoids future revisions and increases efficiency. A small group of 3-4 participants of a company proved to be optimal. At least two representatives from the company are mandatory. It’s also about reflecting your own point of view. The exact number of participants is also dependent on the size of the company and the task.

Our team includes Jan Stellmach and Ivonne Pajunk. With 17 years of industry experience and as CEO of braindinx GmbH, I lead the workshop. As a creative director, Ivonne brings additional know-how and years of industry experience to the workshop.


The workshop will be held over two consecutive half-days, each lasting 3 hours.

We announce the agenda in detail at the start of the meeting. Work materials and meals are included in our meetings. Please let us know about any special features and wishes in advance.

If required, the meeting can also take place in-house. In this case, we coordinate our requirements for the technical conditions on site in advance with you.

This intensive type of collaboration requires a lot of time for preparation and follow-up. The number of possible workshops is therefore limited. Therefore, please plan sufficient lead time for a date determination.


At the end of a CORE workshop, we worked out the following things together

  • 3 customer / user profiles
  • CORE priorities
    • revenue
    • awareness
    • efficiency
  • brand attributes
  • Elevator Pitch – draft

 The results are compiled in a PDF and made available to the participants.

Next Steps

As a designer, we can easily imagine what something will look like. This is sometimes more difficult for our customers. To explain our ideas, therefore, the foundation is missing. Concrete elaboration and visualization cost valuable time and budget at this early stage. With Stylescapes ™ we avoid unnecessary extra work. They are an important part in the process of branding.


Stylescapes ™ help fill the gap and help you see what we see. So we can talk together and from the beginning on the same basis about the design direction. Throughout the project, they are the basis we can always rely on.

A Stylescape ™ is a collage of images, textures, typography and colors that give a possible appearance. It defines the visual direction and gives a clear picture of the task ahead.

Here’s our post on “What are Stylescapes?”

Why are your solutions and offers relevant to your customers?

Understand the needs of your customers and find creative solutions to meet those needs. That’s the goal of the CORE workshop.