The color of the year – “Living Coral 16-1546”

Category Date 20. August 2019 Author
braindinx Pantone die Farbe des Jahres

Pantone? The company Pantone LLC has developed a matching system and distributed this internationally for the graphics and printing industry. Pantone colors are special colors that can be used for printing and which, for the most part, could not be achieved with normal four-color printing (with CMYK). The possible color space is thus extended with the help of the special colors. Often, the Pantone colors are then printed flat as solid tones (ie 100% color). ⁠

Why should you use special colors like Pantone? Printing creates additional costs, but many companies often use these colors in their corporate design, so that company logos and graphics have a uniform recognition value worldwide. Think for example to the typical Coke red or Telekom magenta – with the typical colors one directly associates the company. Incidentally, the Pantone colors are assigned by designations and numbers. Lufthansa uses 1235 C, Starbucks 3425 C. Milka products even have their own Pantone color developed

By the way, every year Pantone LLC introduces the color of the year. These colors often influence the trends in each year. This year it is the color “Living Coral 16-1546”, in 2018 it was Ultra Violet 18-3838 and 2017 Greenery 15-0343. In 2016, there were even two colors in combination with the tones of the year: Rose Quartz 13-1520 & Serenity 15-3919. Incidentally, Pantone colors are also used in the fashion and home segment, ie for fabrics