Jan Stellmach

CEO / Executive Partner
braindinx Team Jan Stellmach

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Inspire people and support companies in the development of their potential. That’s how I understand my job today.

I am a child of the 80’s, and have been involved with the advertising industry for over 17 years. I entered the profession in a practical way via the path of training as a media designer for digital and print media. After gaining some years of experience as an employee, it was finally time to put your own quality standards, ideas, concepts and visions into action.

The braindinx GmbH was just the right step with their starting shot at the end of 2014, and our way into a fulfilling new task. First, I started with my wife Dani at my side. So we not only started a family, but also a company where we work together. This common path is the secret of our success. Of course, it is not always so harmonious, sometimes the spark will only change due to friction.
We are very pleased that the team, the agency and our customers have been growing steadily since 2014.

“As your business grows, as an entrepreneur, you have two choices: either you grow with and succeed, or your business grows over your head and you go under.”
(Quote Stefan Merath)

I am on my way to becoming an entrepreneur today – a way in which I am allowed to learn a great deal every day. The biggest challenge on this path is not to neglect a very important role.

I am the father of three wonderful, individual and bright children. Luke, Charlotte and Johanna enrich my life, and give it a deep meaning. Without my wife and children, I would not be at this point in my life today. Fulfilling the role of partner, father and entrepreneur simultaneously, and with full energy is a challenge that I encounter every day. I do not always succeed in fulfilling all roles equally well – but it is a task that allows me to grow.