braindinx nachhaltigkeit 2019

Nobody is perfect – that’s for sure, but you can still contribute with trifles. We are happy that many of our customers are also doing their part. “
As an agency, designer and parent we have a great social responsibility in our hands. We shape the world we live in and it’s up to us what we leave to our children and the generations after us. “
In order to achieve and realize these goals, we work together with numerous network partners. Simple standard products can be CO2-neutralized and produced on recycled paper. However, there are also highly specialized print partners available who, in addition to specialty papers, can also rely on particularly environmentally friendly colors. The inks are vegan and based on vegetable oil. Green electricity from renewable energies and climate-neutral production ensure a good CO2 balance. Furthermore, through climate protection certificates, social projects can be funded, the proceeds for the certificates flow back into climate protection projects.

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