Social Commitment

Responsibility for the world in which we live

As a company, we must work economically to secure our livelihoods and livelihoods for our employees and families. At the same time, it is up to us to set the course for a world in which our children will live. In this way, we make our contribution to ensuring that important social projects continue to exist and are seen in the future.

The contrast between valuable, social projects and the resources available for them could often not be greater. We feel this very clearly in our cooperation with the many public and charitable organizations that we are allowed to supervise.

Success therefore also means the time for us to raise the strength and the means to engage socially and thus to protect the world we actively participate in shaping our lives.

We support regional projects and organizations as well as international actions.


As an employer, there is a great responsibility in our hands

This responsibility is accompanied by the opportunity to help shape the world of work and working conditions. So we want to create a workplace that offers the opportunity to develop freely and creatively. Satisfied employees, enthusiastic customers and sustainable added value are the key values ​​for us as an employer.

These goals we achieve, among others, by the following regulations, approaches and benefits in the braindinx GmbH:

Flexitime in the braindinx GmbH
With the flexible working hours, we meet the individual needs of all employees and employees, thus reducing the stress and productivity of the agency.

Covering Child Care Costs
Compatibility of Work and Family? This is not just a guiding principle for us, but also a task. To make sure that it really pays off for the agency, we take over the childcare costs of our employees.

Organic fruits and vegetables
According to the motto “A apple a day keeps the doctor away”, every week we provide fresh organic fruits and vegetables for the whole team.

Whether fresh water from the Grohe Blue or a coffee specialty, we spend many hours in the office – well, that there is always enough drinks for all.

We believe that the right attitude and motivation is much more important than qualifications and certificates. “Hire for attitude train for skills”, Hire someone because of his inner attitude and then bring him what is necessary.

Equal opportunities
We stand for gender equality and equal career development opportunities.

Flat hierarchies
We attach importance to flat hierarchy levels and trusting teamwork.