Social media – we need your help!

Category Date 8. November 2019 Author
braindinx Social Media

Honestly? We are a bit stuck with our social media work …

We invest a lot of time in our social media work every month. These are primarily our Instagram channel and our Facebook page. The preparation and planning of posts takes a lot of time. Research, design and posting – it’s a good 20 hours a month that we spend on it.

Our problem?

We don’t reach as many people as we would like to reach. We no longer gain new followers and reach no new customers via social media. Should we invest even more time there?
We support many of our customers in the areas of branding and positioning. We create user profiles, work according to the “design thinking” principle and achieve great results for our customers. But for ourselves? It’s really difficult for us. Maybe we just don’t have a clear picture because we don’t have an outside view here. We sit figuratively in the bottle and cannot read the label.

How you can help us

We need an outside view. If you read this article, you are one of the people we can and want to reach. So we’re doing this for you. But are you satisfied with our work? What are you interested in? Why are you following us Would you miss us on Facebook and Instagram?

Would you help us reach more people for whom our work could be relevant? What do we have to do so that you like and share our content?

We need your feedback!

With our work we don’t just want to advertise and present ourselves. We want to offer you a benefit. How can we help you? What do you wish to see, hear or read from us?

Write to us @braindinx about Facebook , Instagram or by email to . Call us on 02404 8790087 or come to the agency for a coffee. You now have the chance to participate actively.

You are part of the community we want to reach. Now we need you. Help us do our job better here.

We are looking forward to your feedback!