The first impression counts

Web development and web design are very topical issues. Many people spend a large part of their time online. The network is a shopping mile, advice, meeting point, broker and information center. This is where customers, employers, applicants, companies and institutions meet.

That is why it is so important to be well positioned with your own website and web design.

In addition to a conceptual approach such as the UX and UI design, there are big differences in the market in terms of quality, performance and scope.

braindinx Webdesign Webentwicklung

Web development by hand – individual and authentic

We focus on providing expert advice on the possibilities and needs. We follow the principle of diagnosis before design and an approach based on the principle of design thinking.

We help you to present yourself individually to reach your target group. With a clear structure and a defined workflow, we develop concepts, visualize layouts and develop your website.

We rely on individually developed pages and do not use ready-made themes. We also use plug-ins very sparingly.

We specialize in WordPress

WordPress is a CMS (content management system) for creating, editing, organizing and displaying digital content. It is the most successful publishing system in the world. In addition to innovative and individual design options, it offers a variety of advantages for optimizing a website.

WordPress offers our customers the opportunity to maintain the website easily, independently and without specialist knowledge. At the same time, we develop the design individually by hand.

This is how we ensure that the results for our customers are 100% individual and sustainable, from the screen layout to the finished website.

braindinx Webdesign WordPress