What companies want

Basically, all companies share the same desire when we talk about web design. Every company wants a modern presence on the net with which it can reach its target group, communicate the brand and build trust.

Topics such as responsive web design and user-friendly CMS systems are now standard. So how do you achieve the desired unique selling proposition?

Here too, design thinking is the key to success.

The user interface UI design deals with the surface

The user interface is the surface on which the interaction between man and machine takes place. In the area of ​​UI design, we are concerned with the development of the user interface as an interface between man / user and machine / server.

At best, the interface should be intuitive, efficient and pleasant to use.

The User Experience UX design deals with user behavior

When we speak of the user experience, it is about user behavior and the user experience. We put ourselves in the user’s perspective. What does the user want? Which paths does he take on the website and where does he expect which interaction options.