Which social media channels should you use?

There is no right social media channel. Who is your target group and where can you best reach this target group? What is your product or service and which channel fits best?

What is your monthly budget and what do you want to invest in terms of time and money?

Facebook is one of the oldest platforms with the largest community. That brings advantages and disadvantages. Instagram is more visual and keeps growing. Own videos on a YouTube channel are fantastic but also incredibly demanding if they are to be well done. Twitter for quick, short messages. And if the target group is young there is TikTok, Snapchat and Co.

braindinx webdesign Social Media
Our feed on Instagram. Over time, many posts on exciting topics emerge.
braindinx Leistungen Webdesign Social Media
We plan the structure and design of posts. A grid is created – a design grid.

How do followers become customers and a community?

Reaching people and building a community is the big goal behind the social media issue for companies.

We support many of our customers in the areas of branding and positioning. We create user profiles, work according to the “design thinking” principle and achieve great results for our customers.

In the field of social media, interaction is an important key to success. Offering benefits, accessibility and interaction.

Would you like to support us in our social media work?

The topic of social media is not a one-way. Feedback and interaction are not only desired, but also the strength of this medium. Which topics achieve interaction and reaction?

Our channels also live from the interaction and feedback from the community. That is why feedback is particularly important to us.

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braindinx Leistungen Webdesign Social Media Planung
Planning the next posts. Without a strategy and a clear plan, the canal quickly becomes quiet.