Google’s market power

The list of the most successful Internet search engines has been topped by Google on average worldwide for many years.

Google has a particularly high dominance in Germany. The proportion of Google users in 2018 was over 98% in mobile search and just under 85% in the area of ​​desktop search (data source: StatCounter, Web-Stats,

Due to the outstanding market power of Google, SEO is primarily about optimization for Google. There are different areas here. You can roughly differentiate between OnPage – on the page itself, OffPage outside of your page and paid marketing, for example with Google ADs.

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A search result on Google to our own page. Right the Google MyBusiness entry,
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Continuous search engine optimization with the help of measurable results.

The way and the goal of search engine optimization

As a company and as a website operator, the goal of SEO is very clear:

Increase the reach of the page by placing it as high as possible in the search.

This applies at least to on-page optimization, which for us is the most sustainable investment in our own site.

You are never alone, because this goal is worthwhile for almost everyone. Good SEO is above all high quality content, continuity, passion and authenticity.

There are no shortcuts to success. It is important to make the results measurable. For this we rely on specialized tools. In addition to an as-is analysis, a keyword strategy is just as indispensable as on- and offpage tools.

The most important criteria for a successful ranking

There are no shortcuts to success. There are no insider tips and simple solutions. The market power and the amount of developers Google has available in Silicon Valley speak for themselves.

But there are important factors that you should definitely focus on. Factors that not only positively influence the ranking but also the use of the website:

  • Content & quality
  • Technology & meta
  • structure
  • Backlinks
  • Keywords

In our article 5 quality criteria for your website have prepared a checkup on the topic.

braindinx Webdesign SEO Pagespeed
PageSpeed ​​- the loading time of a website is also a factor for successful Rankin.