From concept to finished website

The publication of a new website comes with many important questions and tasks. Prototyping is an important building block.

In addition to a detailed study of the target group and the desired user experience UX design, the prototype is the means of choice to ensure the visual concept and result.

The content of a page also plays an enormously important role for the later result but also the design of the page.

braindinx Webdesign Webentwicklung Prototyping
A good concept is the foundation for a successful website and an important step on the way to the prototype.
braindinx Webdesign Webentwicklung Tim Haag und Tim Scheer
Tim Interview: Tim Haag and trainee Tim Scheer from the web design department.

Prototyping ensures the result early

In contrast to the static screen design, which is often based on a Photoshop layout, prototyping makes it possible to experience the planned result very early on.

Before even a single line of code is written, we have the opportunity here to experience a clickable version of the planned page together with our customers.

We work with Adobe XD to develop our prototypes. Feedback loops and correction runs are also easy to implement here and across platforms.

A clear workflow is essential for a successful project

It is important to us that our customers know that they are well informed all the way through the project. Clear milestones and updates are mandatory for us.

A creative black box with an uncertain result is neither in the interest of our customers nor in our own interest.

All the important information about the planned course of a project is already available in the form of our creative letter when the project starts.

In our journal you will find a contribution on how we fundamentally approach projects.

braindinx Webdesign Webentwicklung Workflow
The development of a website is divided into clear sections and planned with milestones.