A logo represents a company’s values ​​and vision.

The company logo is part of the corporate design. One of the most important requirements for a logo design is its unmistakability.

A good logo is an indication of the brand behind it. It represents your company. It should be as simple as possible, but as complex as necessary.

braindinx Projekt Team Steffen Logodesign
The Team Steffen AG logo is a good example of successful logo design and sustainable branding.
braindinx Veredelung Printmedien Printdesign Alsdorf Aachen
Our own logo is a word mark that is flanked by a signet. So we can also use the word-figurative mark or figurative mark (signet) as required.

The different types of logos

Logos can be divided into seven different types. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Which logo design best suits your company depends on factors such as the industry or target group.

The 7 types of logos

  • word marks
  • brand image
  • Image brand
  • emblem
  • letter brands
  • mascot
  • Abstract logo

What is a good logo design?

In addition to the target group, industry and personal wishes for a logo, there are also technical requirements that a logo must meet.

Scalability. The logo must be able to be used in a very small form, but also very large. From stamp to banner. A vector file is therefore essential.

A logo must be usable in all media. This places special demands on file formats and color spaces.

A logo must be distinctive, otherwise it will not fulfill its function as a representative of your company and cannot be protected.

Readability. If text is used, it must be legible.

braindinx Logodesign Physiotherapie Ambrassat
A word and figurative mark is also used for the Ambrassat physiotherapy.