What is graphic design?

Graphic design is a creative activity and encompasses the areas of typography, image, color, space / area and material.

For a long time it has no longer been limited to the area of ​​classic print media. With many years of experience, we jointly ensure the uniform appearance of your company and maintain it sustainably.

In the meantime, the term communication design is also used as a generic term that includes verbal and audiovisual communication in addition to visual communication.

braindinx Grafikdesign Leistungen Design
The term communication design is now also used as a generic term for graphic design.
braindinx Grafikdesign Illustration Büro
Behind the scenes at braindinx GmbH. Individual designs are created here in exciting projects.

Where is graphic design used?

Almost every part of our work can be associated with the topic of design. The corporate design forms a large and independent sub-area for us.

Graphic design includes services such as:

  • office equipment
  • Exhibition graphics and exhibition stands
  • advertising technology
  • vehicle wraps
  • promotional
  • Design of work clothes
  • Give-aways and giveaways

Illustration as part of the graphic design

An illustration makes complicated things easy. A good illustration illuminates things from a different angle. It can be used to supplement or explain texts. But it can also stand for itself.

Illustrations are rather attributed to the field of fine arts. But since more and more projects in the commercial area require emotional and distinctive images, it has become an important sub-area for us.

braindinx Grafikgesign Illustration Ivonne Pajunk
Ivonne Pajunk is very successful in the area of ​​illustration as “Pixelgoesamerica”. Our agency will also enrich you with illustrations.