The secret is in the details

The market today offers an enormous selection of products that can be customized with the branding of your company and even made especially for you.

The classic giveaways such as pens, lanyards, balloons or lighters are just the “standard article” that every larger company has today.

Helpful questions in advance:

  • Does the present fit your company?
  • What do your customers want?
  • Do the giveaways offer a benefit or appreciation?
braindinx Grafikdesign Werbemittel Notizbuch
It is often the details, the feel and a special quality that make the difference. Our notebook is a good example.
braindinx Grafikdesign Werbemittel Konzept
Concepts are created here that are precisely tailored to the needs and wishes of your target group.

The potential of advertising media

Advertising media develop their potential if they are precisely tailored to the needs and wishes of your target group.

We are always particularly pleased about the opportunity to break new ground and to create tailor-made concepts for sophisticated, new and innovative advertising media.

The following applies here: the more unusual the idea and the product, the higher the effect.

We rely on our highly specialized partner network and guarantee you high quality production.

Which advertising media are popular?

  • calendar
  • Umbrellas
  • high quality pens
  • Notepads and books
  • Cloth and laptop bags
  • Cups and bottles
  • Sticky notes
  • USB sticks
  • Power banks and USB hubs

Your company is exempt from the tax obligation for gifts under € 10, which is why they are particularly popular. For items up to € 35 (per recipient per year), these can be claimed as business expenses.

braidninx Grafikdesign Werbemittel Pins
Always a good idea. Pins are timeless and high-quality small giveaways and optimally support brand building.