What are Stylescapes ™

Some also know it under the term mood board. It is a collage, a small pitch of ideas that is groundbreaking for the design process. They include colors, shapes, imagery, typography and ideas about possible products and results of the further work.

It is the illustration of the results of our CORE workshop in which we work with our customers to develop brand attributes, priorities and define the customers or the target group. It is a valuable basis for decision-making in the process of creating a new brand or in rebranding a company

braindinx GmbH Markenbildung Stylescapes Präsentation
The results are presented in a personal discussion. We produce rigid foam sheets in the format 100cm x 20cm.
braindinx GmbH Markenbildung Stylescapes Präsentation Dani Stellmach und Tim Scheer
The presentation quickly makes clear which visual direction to take and we can rule out ideas at an early stage.

Stylescapes ™ ensure better results and fewer proofreading runs.

As designers, we can easily imagine what something will look like. This is sometimes more difficult for our customers. So the foundation is missing to explain our ideas. In this early phase, concrete elaboration and visualization cost valuable time and also budget. This way we avoid unnecessary additional work.

We use this tool for larger projects such as starting a business, rebranding or developing a large website.

A Stylescape ™ defines the visual direction and gives a clear picture of the task ahead.

We use this instrument to ensure that the direction we take is approved. Stylescapes ™ help fill the gap in the imagination and help you see what we see.

So we can talk about the design direction together and from the beginning on the same basis. Throughout the project, they are the basis that we can always fall back on.

braindinx GmbH Markenbildung Stylescapes Meeting mit dem Team.
In the CORE workshop, three customer profiles emerge from which corresponding Stylescapes ™ result. The implementation is teamwork.