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The term corporate design describes a part of the corporate identity. It is the visual appearance of a company. The design and uniform, cross-media communication of the appearance tea is an important task of branding. Starting with the logo, claim and slogan to individual products.

That is one of the main tasks and challenges in the field of branding.

The goal is to create a high recognition value for the company and to communicate a uniform, positive and unmistakable image.

braindinx GmbH Leistung Markenbildung Corporate Design
The logo is one of the most important recognition values ​​of a company and an essential part of its appearance.
braindinx Leistung Grafikdesign
We also put our appearance to the test from time to time. Here: ReBranding by braindinx GmbH

The path to professional corporate design

For targeted marketing, when developing a corporate design, it is important to consider the target group, industry, brand attributes and priorities. Design thinking is the process of exploring this process from a user perspective.

We developed the CORE Workshop for this challenge. Here we deal in depth with the issues from the customer / user perspective.

In addition to the development of a new appearance, the re-branding provides a breath of fresh air with a revision. It is particularly important to use existing recognition values.

Important components of a corporate design

  • Logo / Signet
  • Claim
  • Typographie
  • Coloring
  • Design Grid
  • Imagery

A design guide bundles this information. It serves as the basis for the uniform communication and implementation of the corporate design. It can be used both internally and externally. Especially when working with external partners, he ensures the uniform result in the long term.

braindinx GmbH Markenbildung Corporate Design
With pen, paper and PC. The appearance of a company is created here.