To the core of your company

It’s really difficult to define a brand. It’s even more difficult to design a website for a user we don’t know or understand. There are innumerable questions:

What content is important? What features should we include? What is important to the customer? What are the priorities?

Our goal is to enable us to understand the needs of your customers and to find creative solutions to meet these needs. The workshop is the basis for an effective and targeted approach to an extensive branding project. Together we work out why your solutions and offers are relevant for your customers.

braindinx GmbH CORE Workshop Präsentation
In the workshop we develop specific user profiles and deal with your target group.
braindinx GmbH CORE Workshop im Gespräch Jan Stellmach
In dialogue, we develop customer profiles, prioritize goals and concretize the brand.

The CORE workshop is a methodology and an approach.

We follow the principle of “Design Thinking”. It is a systematic approach to complex problems and tasks from a customer and / or user perspective. The approach goes far beyond the classic design disciplines such as shaping and design.

The workshop includes:

  • Definition of the customer
  • Prioritizing goals
  • The specification of your brand

The results of the workshop

The results of the workshop are the basis for effective and targeted branding. Together we work out why your solutions and offers are relevant for your customers.

The results and findings of the meeting are the guideline for all further steps.

More on the subject of “Diagnosis before Design” and a separate article on the CORE workshop can be found in our journal.

braindinx GmbH Alsdorf CORE Workshop unser Notizbuch
Every participant receives our notebook, because in the workshop we take up many exciting topics and gain valuable insights.