Services for companies in the start-up phase

A start-up is an enormous challenge and requires good planning – we know this not only from our own experience. Many questions go hand in hand with the idea of ​​your own company and the development of the business plan.

For marketing, these are questions such as: How do I reach my target group? How do I make my company visible? How much does a website cost? What is useful? What should my marketing budget be in the first 6 months?

With our services, we have accompanied many founders and start-ups sustainably and thus formed companies with a professional appearance. We have over 20 years of practical experience and are happy to accompany your company right from the start.

braindinx Leistungen Stylescapes
Services such as the CORE workshop and stylescapes are important building blocks, especially for founders.
braindinx Leistungen Analyse
A precise analysis of the current situation is just as much a part of our services as sustainable concepts for brand building.

Services for companies in growth

Another picture that connects many successful companies is the uncontrolled growth of the company’s appearance. Often there is an expansion of the visual appearance according to need and medium. This process usually goes hand in hand with changing partners who are geared to current needs. After a few years, the appearance is inconsistent.

The reason is the lack of a uniform directive. There is no clear definition of logo, color, font, target group and visual language.

In the first step, it is important to examine the current status of the appearance. In this way we gain a comprehensive picture of the situation and can also identify and maintain an existing recognition value. After many years on the market, a refresh of the corporate design is a sensible step to bring a fresh breeze and professionalism to the appearance. For many companies, our CORE workshop is an important building block that brings many new insights.