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braindinx SEO Tipps für deine Website

SEO optimization. Man or machine, who comes first?

The web is a highly competitive market when it comes to attracting attention to your own company. When we speak of SEO optimization , we basically mean only one thing. How can I be found better on Google? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization – the optimization of the website and its content for the search engines. The search engine in Germany is 98% Google.

The goal of Google is to show the user the best results for his search queries. I only use a search engine if I get the best results quickly and easily. Google has been doing this so successfully for years that there are no or hardly any alternatives at eye level. This is also a double-edged sword, because Goole earns his money with advertising, the Google ADS. At the same time, everyone wants to go to the top via SEO optimization through natural ranking.

SEO optimization was also a key issue for our new website. It is often a tightrope walk between UX design and SEO user experience.

The main SEO factors

The topic of SEO optimization and ranking at Google is not only a very lucrative market, but also a field full of half-knowledge and outdated approaches.

The most important tip we can give you is: There is no shortcut and there are no tricks. SEO optimization is work. It only makes sense if there is also added value. Then it can even be fun.

If you want to consider only one factor, focus on high quality and unique content.

Also important

  • page title
  • meta description
  • charging time
  • pictures
  • alt tags
  • domain
  • backlinks
  • internal linking
  • keywords
  • traffic

The best SEO tools

No success without measurable goals and results. If you want to optimize your site, you first need to know where you are. The Google search is not a reliable source, because the results depend on location, device, profile, etc. So an SEO tool is needed.


braindinx SEO-Optimierung Seobility
Wir nutzen Seobility für diesen Zweck, denn es ist eine gute und kostengünstig Möglichkeit um die eigene Seite zu untersuchen.

Seobility analyzes your website by a crawler recording and evaluating all linked pages. Faulty pages, problems with on-page optimization and problems with regard to content such as duplicate content are identified and clearly displayed in a list view. For the sustainable and continuous review of your website, every project created is crawled and analyzed so that changes in the optimization of your website are displayed immediately.

Rank Math für WordPress

braindinx Webdesign SEO-Optimierung Rank Math
Für die Onpage Optimierung unserer WordPress Seite verwenden wir seit Anfang 2019 das kostenlose SEO Plugin RankMath.

With the plugin you can make all the important settings that improve your rankings and thus increase your traffic. Basically, it is similar to the Yoast SEO plugin. But it is significantly more extensive, faster and above all clearer.


braindinx SEO-Optimierung Matomo
Nur wenn du die Ereignisse auf deiner Seite verfolgen und messen kannst, hast du die Grundlage für eine SEO-Optimierung.

Matomo, formerly Piwik, is a widely used open source web analytics platform. It is a very good alternative to Google Analytics. Biggest advantage: the data belongs only to you.

Human or machine?

Some time ago I read a nice sentence: People like flyers, Google likes books. The best way seems to me to write for people, but not to forget the machine. A great contribution that nobody reads, that does not help anyone. A bad post that is found well, neither.

It is particularly important for us to receive information quickly and in a well-structured manner. Nevertheless, you can give the whole depth and scope. Images loosen up a complex subject. Man and machine are happy about that.

SEO optimization

This post is optimized for search engines. We want to offer you added value with the contribution. That is why we have packed important tips, tools and approaches. But we also want to increase the ranking. The keyword we put a lot of emphasis on in this post – the focus keyword – is SEO optimization . Our text is 678 words long, which is quite decent because our goal was at least 600 words. The benchmark is always the place in front of you in the ranking. Our keyword density is 1.35. We used a suitable SEO meta description and also used images with the corresponding alt attributes. Overall, we achieve an index of 91/100 for this contribution.