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The Task

Team Steffen AG is a medium-sized craft enterprise with more than 70 employees, thousands of private customers, and numerous industrial customers, both at home, and abroad. Our task? The values, ​​and innovative aspirations of Team Steffen AG communicate in a contemporary, clear, and cross-media way.

The Result

A refresh of the company logo, flanked by a new image brand – the team Steffen Signet. A Comprehensive Corporate Design guideline defines, and standardizes the appearance across all media. A redesign of the internet presence, social media work, graphic design, an own textile line, and advertising media communicate the image of the innovative craft enterprise.

The Team Steffen AG

For 35 years, the name Steffen, stands for quality, high service, and excellent craftsmanship in the field of plumbing, heating, and air conditioning. Private households as well as commercial enterprises belong to the customer base of the traditional company. From the heating maintenance to the barrier-free bath renovation, to the planning of the optimal room climate in the office the range of services of the well-known Alsdorfer company reaches. Team Steffen AG (TSAG) does not rely on just the proven concepts. They are constantly developing new concepts in order to set sustainable impulses for the craft trades, and to break new ground, which is good for the industry.

365 days a year for you. Reliable. Credible. Quality-oriented.

The company logo was slightly redesigned, and the visual cornerstones written down in a revised guideline. The modern, and responsive website also lives up to the claim to leadership of Team Steffen AG. It forms the digital backbone of the company with a sustainable social media concept.

With a generation change in the management of the company, the consistent continuation of the modern and up-to-date standards of Team Steffen AG with regard to the visual appearance was the focus. A huge challenge for a medium-sized craft business.

How to preserve a recognition value developed over thirty years while communicating in a modern, innovative and professional way. How can vision, mission, and values ​​be summed up? How does the standardization of the grown appearance last?

A decisive feature in the visual appearance of Team Steffen AG was missing. A figurative mark – a signet that stands symbolically for the company employees.

The introduction of Team Steffen Signet was finally targeted for the project. It’s a striking eye catcher.

With its fleet of vehicles, and textile line, Team Steffen AG puts the justified claim to leadership on the road. It’s supported by comprehensive print media. The Signet is always in focus.

The Effect

Team Steffen is a professional in the craft. They show that they are confident, and modern. The logo conveys the values ​​of the company that are communicated consistently, and across all media.

The new corporate homepage continues the clear design line. The textile line reflects the uniform corporate design.

The brand “Steffen” is immediately recognizable, and the values​​, and visions of the company are clearly communicated.

Our Services

  • Consulting & Conception
  • Analysis & Strategy
  • Corporate Design Refresh
  • CD Guide
  • Web Design
  • SEO Optimization
  • Social Media Grid
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • Textile Design
  • Physical Advertising
  • Photography

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