The most advanced programming system for Mazatrol worldwide.

MazaCAM Germany
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The Task

Since the end of 2011, MazaCAM Germany has been a sales and service partner for the Software SolutionWare MazaCAM. As with most rebranding processes, the challenge was to preserve existing recognition values, ​​and incorporate them into the new corporate design.

The Result

A rebranding of the brand MazaCAM with clear imagery, and a modern internet presence. A concept that includes print media, trade fair graphics, and a social media strategy.

MazaCAM Germany

MazaCAM is a product of the US company SolutionWare Corporation. SolutionWare has been providing CAD / CAM software for CNC manufacturing since 1975, providing over 40 years of experience in this field.

The origin of MazaCAM lies in the CAM software GeoPath, which was initially designed for the creation of normal G-code (DIN-ISO) programs. When the company Yamazaki Mazak introduced the world’s first dialog control in 1981, suddenly it was no longer possible to generate programs for the machine control via a CAM system, or to write in a normal text editor.

That was the birth of MazaCAM.

At Solution Ware, the goal was to create a way to create CNC programs for the Mazatrol controller from a PC. The MazaCAM Editor has been developed.

To date, MazaCAM has been constantly evolving, and it has set itself the goal of constantly advancing this development, and to serve, and cover new developments in the field of Mazatrol control as quickly as possible. Today, with MazaCAM, we have the most technologically advanced offline programming system for Mazatrol, worldwide.

Based on the appearance of the Solution Ware, MazaCAM Germany started at the end of 2011 as a sales and service partner.

Based on the templates of the US-American company SolutionWare Corporation was initially a design implementation for Germany. But it quickly became clear that a more modern, contemporary design had to be introduced for the European market. Our task therefore initially lay in an extensive redesign of the MAzaCAM Germany brand.

Starting from the redesign, a consistent branding process was started, which was partly taken over by the American parent company. Print products, web design, social media strategy, and exhibition graphics followed.

Today, MazaCAM Germany not only distributes Mazatrol’s most advanced programming system worldwide, but for the fourth consecutive year, it is also the world’s most successful MazaCAM reseller.

Success Made in Germany

The Effect

For the fourth time in a row, MazaCAM Germany is the world’s leading reseller for the SolutionWare MazaCAM software. This status also meets the appearance across media.

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