Safety vests for the children of the daycare Biberburg

Daycare “Biberburg”
braindinx Projekt Warnwesten Biberburg Alsdorf

“Biberburg” children are on the move with stylish new safety vests.

The vests are in demand: Marcel Franzen, Chairman of the Association, Tanja Land, Sabine Huppertz-Essers, Gabriela Baurmann, Jutta Weidner (Kita Biberburg), Michael Krämer (Friends), Lisa Wolters (Kita Biberburg), and Jan Stellmach from “braindinx” ( vl) presented them to the children.

So that the little ones are safer in the dark season, the children of the integrative family center “Biberburg” recently got new safety vests. The children are happy in all seasons, and a lot throughout the city and beyond. In order to be better seen also in autumn and winter, the support association of the family center in the company “braindinx” has found a cooperation partner who has designed, and sponsored the bright imprint on the vest.

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