Professional branding from the beginning.

Team Effertz GmbH
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The Task

Starting a business is a huge challenge. Not just organizational. Our task? A professional, modern appearance from the beginning.

The Result

A branding of the brand Team Effertz. Logo, and corporate design combined with an appealing landing page, and small business stationery.
The tools for a successful start.

The Team Effertz GmbH

Team Effertz GmbH started in April 2016, and since then has been the contact for innovation in Tile and Stone in the Aachen area.

David Effertz: “As a creative stonemason, I have long dreamed of shaping my visions. With the Team Effertz GmbH I would like to show that with the right material you can do so much more out of a room than just a room …” Steady drops hollow the stone “(perseverance leads to success, perseverance leads to the goal, durability pays from). 

David Effertz had from the beginning a clear vision of his company and a modern, high standard. Especially in the trades, this is a very good basis for a unique feature in the appearance.

The demand on us was high, and we love this challenge. Thus, the design process accompanied a clear idea regarding the Farbgebund and the typeface. The logo was a rapprochement process with great results.

The striking “E” forms the signet that is very present, and Dominant used.

The individualized lettering “Team Effertz” is underlined by the claim: “Innovation in tile and stone”. Here both the claim, and the context of this company become visible.

To start a new business, a big challenge often lies in the relatively low content. Texts, reference pictures, and projects are usually missing, since the business has not yet started or the foundation is still pending.

At Team Effertz we faced this challenge. The solution lay in an innovatively designed one pager. The customer receives all relevant information at a glance, and the company is professionally represented on the Internet.

With the time, and increasing success, the site was also able to grow and references, and service modules were added.

In addition to the classic business stationery with stationery, and business card, Team Effertz also has several vehicles, and its own textile line for the team. Also, advertising materials such as cups in company design, banners, and signs have emerged over time, and paint an all-round coherent image of the company. 

The Effect

The corporate design has been professionally built right from the start. On this foundation, the company, and the appearance continues to grow. Through consistent communication in a consistent design, high standards, and quality of service; Team Effertz is today a recognized brand that stands for innovation in tile and stone.

Our Services

  • Consulting & Conception
  • Analysis & Strategy
  • Corporate Design
  • CD Guide
  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Textile Design
  • Physical Advertising
  • Photography

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