Water supply in Zambia

braindinx Projekt Wasserversorgung Sambia

Without water there’s no life. Water is the most important resource in growing plants and keeping animals. Farming in Zambia is no exception. There are already two holes on the farm, which directly bring the groundwater to the fields or to the animals. In addition, 5,000l and 7,500l tall tanks are set up to store water for drip irrigation.

A sinking groundwater table, especially in the dry season, is currently hampering an expansion of production. Additional acreage can therefore not yet be used. The construction of the agricultural training school and tomato processing also require water. An integrated concept for water supply and waste disposal is therefore already being planned.

Planning for the coming year:

  • Concept and planning of the supply and disposal system
  • Construction of a water reservoir Biogas plants
  • use of waste to gain energy

With our donation we want to support this important project in Zambia. Helping people help themselves.

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