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The Task

A second location for a law firm with more than 30 years of existence. The claim to individuality and at the same time the preservation of the recognition value. Stefan Krings has put this challenge to us with his project.

The Result

Based on an existing corporate design, a modern and reputable appearance emerged: company logo, office equipment and appropriate advertising technology.

About the Customer

Stefan Krings is your trusted lawyer in Baesweiler who will assist you out of court and in all matters relating to traffic law, insurance law, contract law, and criminal law and his main area of ​​employment law. He informs you regularly about interesting news, and accompanies you in the best possible way to enforce your financial, and legal claims.

The Effect

A harmonious appearance for the location Baesweiler was realized, which meets both the individual claim and the appearance of the existing law office in Heinsberg.

Our Services

  • Consulting & Conception
  • Analysis & Strategy
  • Corporate Design Refresh
  • Graphic Design
  • Physical Advertising

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