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IG BCE – Industrial Union Mining, Chemistry, Energy
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The Task

They are the third largest single trade union in the DGB. 44 regional districts, and have about 1,100 local groups who have the desire for individual presentation. While at the same time they are united by a uniform corporate design. A union in transition with the goal to create justice, and fair conditions in the workplace.

The Result

Individual concepts were created for more than half of all districts of the IG BCE, especially in the Ruhrpott. Nationwide and local campaigns were designed. Including landing pages, local group concepts, and strategies for sustainable membership.

The Industrial Union Mining, Chemistry, Energy

The IG BCE is a strong, participatory community. The basis of the organization with approximately 630,000 members (as of July 2018) form the nationwide community. Which consists of about 1,100 local groups in cities, communities, and 900 trust bodies in the factories. Further organizational units; such as districts, provincial districts, and the main board, is built on this.

IG BCE is a democratic, membership-oriented union. To ensure mentoring close to members, it is divided into 44 regional districts. They form the competent contact persons for the members, and at the same time offer representatives, and works councils support in their involvement in the companies. 

A Special Challenge

For more than 250 years, the “black gold” in Germany was mined underground. The coal industry has particularly shaped the Ruhr area, and brought thousands of workers from Germany, and neighboring countries into the region.

In December 2018 there was finally a shift in direction. The last two coal mines in Germany were closed: Prosper-Haniel in Bottrop, and Anthrazit Ibbenbüren in the Tecklenburger Land. This ends an era of the industrial age. For the Industrial Union Mining, Chemistry, Energy it was an enormous challenge – also existentially.

“Danke Kumpel” was 2018 a very special campaign for the many “buddies” in the area, and throughout Germany. But the innumerable campaigns, promotions, and events of the IG BCE also ensure justice, and fair conditions in the working world.

Strong Together

Under the uniform corporate design of the IG BCE there is enough scope for individuality. Across all districts of the country, we can support more, and more districts in their desire for an individual approach of the employees.

Whether it be at the base, in well over a thousand local groups, regional forums, and corps of trust, districts state districts up to the head office. Strong together – this is probably the best way to work with, and for the IG BCE for many years.


The Effect

Individual claim, and uniform corporate design – this can succeed, and is the order of the day in many districts such as Gelsenkirchen, Recklinghausen, Hamm, Duisburg, and Dortmund-Hagen.

Targeted campaigns such as “Danke Kumpel” convey appreciation, and sensitize actions such as “Betriebsrat Gründen” with their own landing page across all media.

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