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Förderverein Realschule Alsdorf e.V.
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The Task

Since 2018 we support the Förderverein of Realschule Alsdorf to make the valuable work of the many volunteers visible.

The Result

Today the Förderverein has a moderately designed homepage and a uniform appearance. All forms are also digitally retrievable and make membership and communication easy.

The Förderverein der Realschule Alsdorf e.V.

The Förderverein Realschule Alsdorf is an association of parents, guardians, the school management, teachers, friends, alumni and other supporters of the Realschule Alsdorf in KuBiZ. All work voluntarily and in the spare time for the Förderverein. The team can only finance their work with the help of membership fees and donations – they are therefore dependent on social commitment and helpfulness.

Together can we make a difference.

That’s the basic idea of ​​the club.

The team is always happy about the chance to win new members.

Further information is available on the homepage

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