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The Task

A standardization of the appearance of Coactiv Consulting on the professional basis of a guide that defines the visual cornerstones.

The Result

A refresher of the company logo, the reintroduction of the Coactiv signet and the definition of the visual cornerstones in a Comprehensive Guide.

Coactiv Consulting – working together on the success of your company

Coactiv Consulting offers customer-oriented, individual and reputable business consulting for physiotherapy practices. The holistic strategic view of the company is at the heart of the problem-solving approaches developed together with the clients. The name Coactiv Consulting is no coincidence, because Coactiv stands for working together on the development of the practice and makes clear that a collaboration with Ralf Jentzen and his team always means that you are required as an entrepreneur or entrepreneur. Because only your own wishes and ideas, implemented with its help into reality, provide in the long run the entrepreneurial success you desire. Coactiv Consulting can help you with know-how and experience. Ralf Jentzen insists that his work means a strengthening of your self-competence, so that you can take the helm in your own hands after the consultation and successfully “sail on”.

The initial conversation with Ralf and Annika very quickly drew a picture that we often see in everyday agency life.

A company that plays its skills very successfully and grows with its own image. This growth of visual appearance is often done as needed and medium. Most of the time, this process is associated with changing partners who are focused on current needs. After a few years, the result is an inconsistent appearance

The reason lies in the absence of a uniform directive. There is no clear definition of logo, color, font and imagery in a guide. In the first step, Coactiv Consulting had to sift through the current media stock. This allowed us to gain a comprehensive picture of the situation. In a company history since 1999, there is, of course, in addition to the inventory material also a recognition value to be preserved and unified.
The design team started with the goal of defining a unified design guide for visual targeting.

The logo, colors and color spaces as well as font and imagery have been defined. The logo was refreshed and additionally a stock name was reactivated.

The Effect

The Corporate Design Guide bundles and defines the overall appearance of the company in one place. It is the basis for a consistent, cross-company communication with the clients.

Our Services

  • Consulting & Conception
  • Analysis & Strategy
  • Stylescapes
  • Corporate Design Refresh
  • CD Guide

Customer Voice

At brandinx you do not just experience professional visual communication. We have taken particular note of the individual and detailed analysis in advance and the implementation advice tailored to our strategic needs. Another plus for us is the marketing strategy competence at brandinx, which is taken for granted in the project. Here a tip in the preliminary talk opened our eyes for an important strategic adjustment in the client acquisition.
We were able to realize the discussion in a short time and achieve first results very quickly.
Our conclusion: Incredible professional support and advice, understandable and comprehensible explanations, smooth processes and an excellent design. So we wish that. We look forward to the further common way – clear recommendation!

Annika und Ralf Jentzen | Coactiv Consulting

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