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The Task

Alpha Headhunter operates internationally and supports companies of all sizes and industries. Our task was the re-design of the website as the basis for a continuous search engine optimization. This was accompanied by the revision of an existing corporate design.

The Result

Future proofed with a modern and representative internet presence. The appearance is unified across all media and clearly defined.

About the customer

In contrast to traditional recruitment agencies, ALPHA HEADHUNTER works exclusively through direct contact. In this way, we strengthen our clients’ market position and help our clients to strengthen their personnel and to avoid making wrong decisions.

They hay a large number of specialized and experienced recruiter from a wide range of industries and disciplines. Our recruits directly and personally address highly qualified specialist and management specialists.

That is why ALPHA HEADHUNTER specializes in finding exactly those specialist and management specialists you are looking for worldwide without expensive advertisements. We do not wait for applications, but can usually introduce you to the right candidate through our direct contacts within the shortest possible time.

The Effect

With the new Internet presence, we have a modern point of contact on the Internet. The system provides an excellent foundation for continuous search engine optimization. The appearance is professional and offers unique feature due to the striking color scheme.

Our Services

  • Consulting & Conception
  • Analysis & Strategy
  • Corporate Design Refresh
  • Web Design
  • SEO Care and Maintenance

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