10 years “moliri” in Herzogenrath

braindinx Projekt soziel Moliri

The family is the basic human experience space.

The project “moliri” is very important to us. It is not only linked by intensive cooperation for a whole decade. Moliri also combines work, and family, and is from the beginning a matter of the heart.

We are very happy to support Moliri, and of course Moni, in the anniversary year, again. We do this voluntarily, out of conviction of the value of this great project.

We not only want to support, but also encourage others to join us so that the project can continue to exist over the next 10 years.

Living with children means enrichment, and challenge at the same time. The more and more diverse burdens on the forces of a family, and the longer there is an excessive demand; the more often it comes to health problems, and development risks. This particularly affects the children, as scientific studies show. The name Moliri comes from Latin, and means “to move”. And that’s exactly what the Caritas Association’s Family Health Service aims to accomplish in a literal, and figurative sense.

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