Internship report: One year with our FOS intern Fay Alturk

Category Date 28. June 2019 Author
braindinx POS Praktikum Bericht Fay

Fay has accompanied us for a year as a FOS intern and has grown very dear to us during this time.

It was not a “normal” internship, because the context is very special. Fay comes from Saudi Arabia and had only been in Germany for almost a year when she applied for the internship.

She faced an enormous challenge because communication – language and writing – are very important in our industry. We were impressed when we were just 17 years old to face the challenges of a completely new culture, language, the world of work and the German school system. So we gave Fay the chance to do this internship.

We did not regret it.

Fay is a very determined and ambitious young woman and we really enjoyed the year with her. We also learned a lot during the year. We were able to gain a deep insight into a completely different culture and that first hand.

Fay’s thesis is a great summary of the year and we are very proud of her result – a smooth one.

Of course, Fay’s report is also available as a PDF for reading.

Fay is with us in the agency until the summer holidays. You already wish the whole team a lot of success, strength, happiness and a creative, loving and fulfilling life path.

We look forward to pursuing your further path and hope you will come and visit us in between.

Here is a small extract of Fay’s experiences and impressions:

During my annual internship at braindinx GmbH, I had the opportunity to look into the profession of media designer and I was able to find out whether I would like to work as a media designer in the future.

My tasks were very different. I mainly worked on the computer. Working in an advertising agency is demanding, creative and varied. At the beginning of my internship, my skills and knowledge in dealing with the PC were in demand.

I had insights into many areas such as digital and print. I also had the most experience there. I learned how to develop and design flyers, cards, posters, posters, logos, magazines and covers. I could see how a complete logo is developed from idea to implementation.

I also worked with a very nice team. It was very interesting to see how projects were implemented and implemented in a team and how important it was to have good dealings with customers. I was also able to expand my language and computer skills.

During the internship, I found that teamwork is always in the foreground, because this way you can work out your ideas together as a team. So I not only learned something for my future career, but also generally something for my later life.

Finally, I can say that I learned a lot during this internship and got a good insight into the world of work. This made me realize that I like the creative and versatile work, because I was constantly confronted with new tasks. Overall, I am happy that I was able to gain all of this experience. My internship at braindinx GmbH was a great year because I not only learned a lot, but also made new friends.