braindinx Partner Gase

Baesweiler Textile finishing GmbH

Over 30 years of industry experience, sound advice and the technical conditions for implementation on more than 1350 m² as part of the GASE group of companies.

Braindinx Partner Die Umweltdruckerei

dieUmweltDruckerei GmbH

With UmweltDruckerei, we have a sustainable online print shop at our side, from which we can source high-quality eco-print products for your project.

Braindinx Partner eRecht24

eRecht24 agency partner

As an eRecht24 agency partner, we can support our customers in the implementation of a correct privacy policy according to DSGVO, and the subject of imprint.

braindinx Partner IHK

Chamber of Commerce and Industry Aachen

“We educate!”, and pave young people’s way into the professional future. We are a recognized training company, and member of the IHK Aachen.

Braindinx Partner IfK

Institute for Customer Satisfaction e.V.

We not only want to satisfy you as a customer, but to inspire you with our services. In order to guarantee a consistently high quality in service, installation and consultation, we undergo a voluntary quality control by the association.

Braindinx Partner Mittwald


With Mittwald, we can build on a partner who wants to occupy a permanent place in the online business, and therefore takes sustainability very seriously.

Braindinx Partner Niclas Rimek

Niclas Rimek

Niclas Rimek is a modern and ambitious photographer active in the area of ​​Aachen and Bonn.

In addition to event and travel photography, he deals with portraits and advertising for private individuals, and companies interested in contemporary visually aesthetic images.

Braindinx Partner Schilder Dahlen

Schilder Dahlen

Dahlen has been a reliable partner for traffic and advertising technology in the city region of Aachen for more than 30 years. Dahlen is our local partner for lettering in film and digital printing.