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braindinx klimaneutral agentur 2020

Climate-neutral companies not only have a positive effect on the climate.

As an agency, designer and parent, we have a great responsibility . We shape the world we live in and it is up to us what we leave to our children and the generations after us.

In the 2019 financial year, the agency generated 15.157 t CO2. The total amount of greenhouse gases was taken as the basis for 2020 and compensated for by the payment in the climate protection project “BRAZIL NUT RAINFOREST COMMUNITY PROJECT – Forest Protection PERU” via natureOffice. This is how we are a climate-neutral agency in 2020

The tracking ID for braindinx GmbH in the period from January 2020 to December 2020 is: 1V5-BSC-598821

Braindinx Klimaneutral 2020 Paranuss

Brazil Nut (Brazil Nut) Rainforest Community Project
Sustainable Brazil nut cultivation for forest protection
Madre de Dios, PERU

The second largest share of the Amazon rainforest is located in Peru. The region in which the project is located is considered to be the area with the highest biodiversity density in Peru.

Forest damage here mainly results from the massive illegal logging and the use of the bare areas as arable and pasture land.

The work of the climate protection project Brazil Nut Rainforest Community aims to protect the valuable primary rainforest, which is home to numerous rare, endangered plants and animals and offers them a habitat.

Through its activities, the project provides around 400 families with long-term income opportunities from the traditional harvest of Brazil nuts.

The local population is heavily involved in the project and is trained in sustainable harvesting techniques, for example. Modern processing of the nuts increases their quality and offers small farmers the opportunity to generate higher incomes by opening up new markets.

Access to microcredit is also granted as part of this project.

The project area extends to approximately 300,000 hectares of the original Amazon rainforest.

In order to stop forest destruction, numerous monitoring mechanisms were used to continue to secure the forest as a carbon sink.

Braindinx Klimaneutral 2020 Togo
Quelle: ecocent e.V.

Social added value – added value that matters
Initiative school in Togo – ecoCent eV

In addition to the climate neutral company project, we support the school project in Togo.

Schooling is compulsory in Togo and the state is responsible for equipping the school. Nevertheless, many schools are not provided with the essentials. Our contribution helps the schools in the Abouzokope region to provide the most important things for the children to ensure good teaching. ecoCent eV ensures that the money is used where it is most needed.

ecoCent eV is a non-profit association that was initiated by friends and employees of natureOffice GmbH in 2012 (at that time ACTION DURABLE eV, name change in January 2019) to enable others to support social projects in Togo, West Africa.

Get to know ecoCent eV better: “Every day we do our best to promote our philosophy of sustainable development in Africa, together with the local population. To give people a long-term perspective for life and work, with a special focus on climate and environmental protection. ”

About natureOffice

natureOffice was founded in 2008 with the aim of accompanying companies on their way to sustainable action and active climate protection. NatureOffice’s work aims at reconciling economy and ecology. Because the merger of legitimate economic interests with ecological reason creates synergies that lead to growth and sustainable progress.

Based on scientific results, natureOffice shows the way to sustainable and transparent climate protection across many wastelands. Many medium-sized and large companies in numerous countries already trust our expertise. “We see ourselves as pioneers and partners for our customers and know how to respond to the needs of different industries.”

natureOffice is a pioneer in the field of climate neutrality. With the use of online-supported processes, we have set standards in many parts that benefit our customers. Understandability and traceability for the customer are the top priority here. The climate protection projects developed by natureOffice are based on the highest standards. Because only through quality and transparency can the reliability that a company needs to credibly use its commitment to climate protection for its own further development and ultimately for more growth.