5 reasons why you should use individual images.

Category Date 27. February 2020 Author

Buying high quality stock photos has never been so easy and affordable. Such pictures are available for a few euros, some even for free. And of course, we as a design agency also use this resource from time to time. So why shouldn’t you use them and prefer to use individual images?

A photographer quickly costs € 1,000 and more per day. It is very tempting to do without individual images and to take stock photos. A stock photo is a simple, fast and inexpensive way to achieve a high-quality result. But that’s also the problem.

1. Unique selling proposition / individuality

The easiest way is not always the best. The unique selling point of stock photos is zero. One of the biggest drawbacks to stock photos is that they’re not exclusive. You can find a great picture and use it for your image campaign. The AfD can also use the same picture for their next poster.

The AfD? A small insert at this point.

At braindinx we stand for creativity, tolerance, freedom, equality, fairness and social interaction. The world is colorful and that’s a good thing. I like to use the AfD as a negative example because in my opinion it is not good for more. Use your mind. Question the world and the intentions of the people who offer you simple solutions to complex problems. Treat your fellow human beings fairly and considerately. The world is not brown. Create a colorful world together in which everyone likes to live together.

People are individual. It should also be your picture material. That is why we rely on individual images.

2. Authenticity

bAccording to Marty Neumeier, a brand is not what we as a company claim to be. Our brand is what our customers say about our company when we are not in the room. Authenticity is extremely important for brand building . We can only create trust if we communicate openly and honestly. Trust is the basis for every customer relationship. Stock images do not give an authentic look at our company. Strictly speaking, a stock photo has nothing to do with us. I do not fundamentally condemn stock photos, because they clearly have their justification. However, only individual images ensure authenticity.

braindinx branding individuelles Bildmaterial Video
Der Blick durch den Sucher. Hier ein Blick hinter die Kulisse unseres Videodrehs zum Header der Website.

3. Storytelling / series

A look behind the scenes. Individual images are a fantastic opportunity to look behind the scenes of a company and tell your own story. Series of images support this ongoing story. Stock Photography is the opposite. They are placeholders and can only represent something symbolic or exemplary. We don’t look behind the scenes with them. In addition, there are often no series in a uniform style, which leads to a break in the visual language.

4. Corporate branding

The uniform appearance of a company does not only refer to the logo design , the typeface and the coloring. Good corporate branding also deals with the visual language. Their own visual language, their own style supports branding . Individual image material can meet the demands of your own brand for individuality and recognition value. The appearance should not depend on the availability of cheap pictures. The own claim, the self-image and the target group should be the basis for individual and authentic picture material.

5. SEO optimization

Another disadvantage of stock photos is that they can be used on many websites. Under certain circumstances, the same picture can be used on many websites. This is very unfavorable for SEO optimization . Images are an important ranking factor. Google devalues ​​duplicate content, i.e. content that occurs multiple times. Google’s algorithm is now so sophisticated that it can recognize what can be seen in an image. This happens regardless of how the file name or the alt tag is designed. Individual image material also has the advantage on its side.

braindinx branding individuelles Bildmaterial Shooting
Ein Fotoshooting ist auch immer eine tolle Möglichkeit zum Teambuilding und darf auch Spaß machen.

The way to individual images

As a design agency, we have a lot of experience in the areas of branding , graphic design and web design .

We know exactly how we can showcase your brand. We have professional photographers and videographers at our side. We would be happy to advise you on when to use stock photos – and when individual images from a professional photo shoot are worthwhile.