In-house training 2019 at braindinx GmbH

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braindinx GmbH Inhouse Schulung

In the past week, an in-house training took place in the premises of the braindinx GmbH.

The industry standard for design agencies today is the Adobe Creative Suit. Especially the programs Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign are essential for us as a design agency.

That was not always so. Many years ago, part of our team entered the world of graphics with CorelDRAW. What has worked well as an individual solution for small teams and a small sphere of activity, however, quickly reaches its limits. As the team grows, so does the need for consistent standards. Anyone who wants to network is also well advised, if he speaks the same “language” as his partners.

For our apprentices, training in a uniform industry standard is particularly important. We want to make sure every member of the team has a chance on the creative job market. Even if the goal of the training – in addition to passing the exam – is the acquisition in the agency. Those who do not master the standards hardly have a chance on the market.

Also Rabia had completed many years ago, her education in CorelDRAW. After the birth of your children Rabia has now returned to the profession. Motivated and creative, she supplements the braindinx GmbH team in the print department.

In the programs Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, Rabia was still lacking in practical experience. We were therefore particularly pleased about the possibility of an in-house training.

In-house training with Patrick Buchta

Patrick Buchta from Jardhaus Visuals gave a creative lesson on two days of intensive training and valuable insights into new possibilities, techniques and tools.

Using practical examples and some exercises, Rabia was able to find her way around the world of Adobe Creative Suit very quickly. Whether image editing in and composing in Photoshop or vector-based working in Illustrator. In addition to extensive specialist knowledge, exciting functions, the training also included many practical shortcodes.

Now we start right through. The newly learned knowledge is applied directly in everyday practice. Special bonus: Rabia can share the newly acquired knowledge directly with our new apprentices and thus deepen even more.

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