“Hunters, Shepherds, Critics” Richard David Precht

Category Date 29. April 2019 Author
braindinx Buchtipp Precht

Everyone knows that our world is currently changing rapidly. But how do we react? Some celebrate the digital future with terrifying naivety, and expect the changes to be like the weather. Politics does not seem to take the big change seriously. They once again decorate the deckchairs on the Titanic. Others warn against the dictatorship of the Silicon Valley digital groups. And still others want to pull the blanket over their heads, and go back to the past.

By contrast, Richard David Precht sketches the picture of a desirable future in the digital age. Is the end of the meritocracy, as we know it, a loss at all? For Precht, it contains the opportunity to live in a more fulfilled, and self-determined future. But we must now set the course, and change our social system consistently. Because to work, to shape something, to realize oneself lies in the nature of man. Not sitting in an office from nine to five, and not getting paid for it!

This book aims to show where the course is, which we must correct. Because the future is not coming to us – it is done by us! The question is not, “How will we live?”, but “How do we want to live?”.