How much is a website?

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One of the questions we are asked very often is the question of the price. “How much is a website?” This is not surprising and compulsory when creating a new website. But the question is missing the context. Without reference, purpose and relation, it is very difficult to give a helpful answer.

The web full of answers to the question “How much is a website”. I would like to work out the question and the problem with the pure cost question by means of examples. There is also a quick and easy answer. We like to start with that.

How much is a website for a small business?

For this question, there is a fast, very inaccurate answer that corresponds to the depth of detail of the question. A small website for a local business is priced between € 10,000 and € 5,000.

This information is only good to give a feeling for a price range. The answer also only relates to the way we work and the benefits we offer. If you are looking for a few more detailed information, then look in the article “The 5 steps to successful project start”. Or you take a look at our article “Diagnosis before Design”.

In essence, the answer is as inaccurate as the question and not really effective. It is a short checkpoint. We respect your precious time and respectfully use our resources. An early “no” is therefore the second best answer for customer and agency. If the budget fits rough, then it can go on.

Any price is possible on the market

The answer can also be 500 €, 2,000, 19,90 €, 10 $ or 35,000 €. It depends on who I ask and what my company needs. Are you ready to take a higher risk? Do you have a lot of time or your demands on the site are very low? Then you can certainly get more favorable terms. However, a corporate website with individual programming and images is impossible to realize for € 500.

For your new website you can also ask yourself the following question: How intensively should my partner deal with my company? A realistic hourly rate is between 95 € – 120 €, depending on the agency also significantly above.

A few impulses:

  • Building Kit, Theme or individually programmed?
  • CMS or static HTML page
  • Scope and functionality
  • Sitemap and prototype
  • Responsive & Mobile First
  • Hosting and domain
  • Pictures – Stock or Photographer?
  • text material
  • Keywords and SEO strategy
  • Imprint & DSGVO
  • Maintenance and Care
  • Cross-browser testing
  • Design Thinking

Better questions lead to better answers.

The answer is usually only as good as the question allows. Without context and objective “asking what a website costs”, so brings many different answers. Clarity but mostly not.

How much is a car?

My first car was an Opel Corsa A, Steffi Graf special edition for 800 €. I paid for one half, the other one for my parents. A packet of Camel and the first tank filling included. A few tank fillings should follow, as at the end of the money usually a little more month was left. It was my first car, it meant freedom and I was very happy. Budget and goal fit and that worked great.

How much is a car? Answer: 800 €

Today, many years later, with three children, this does not really fit as an answer. We’re driving a Ford S-Max today. The family van is depending on the equipment at about 35,000 €. The answer can also be 35,000 €. Of course, it would never have worked in the past – goal and budget must be the same.

How much is a car? Answer: 35,000 €

A Volvo XC90 in the middle equipment segment is then already at 65,000 € and is also a car. Certainly a great car. Does not really work for us today. Since the budget does not fit for us.

How much is a car? Answer: 65.000 €

Comparing a Corsa A and a Volvo XC90 is not effective. Apart from four wheels, a steering wheel and windows, it is already getting thin. Nevertheless, the answer at 800 € is the same as at 35K or 65K – even for the same person. But without context, the answer confuses more than it benefits. So we are also at the heart of the matter.

The question of the context and the benefits

  • Why do you need a website?
  • Who do you want to reach?
  • What do you want to achieve?
  • Why do you want to achieve that?
  • What benefits does it offer you?
  • What benefits does it offer your customer?

These are the essential questions for such an important project as the company website.

Design thinking and diagnosis before design are essential foundations of our work. You can find more about this in the branding section.

You have no idea how to set your budget?

If your budget is not clear yet, then you can relate it to a few key figures of your company in relation.

A realistic calculation basis is 3% of your turnover. A redesign of an Internet presence (if it is professionally designed with strategy and from the user’s point of view) can bring about a sales growth of about 3%. Of course, several factors such as market, target group, company size play a major role. If you are not yet rudimentary on the web, 3% are very pessimistic. Are you Apple, we withdraw the forecast ;-). Again, the context and the starting situation is very important.

With an annual turnover of € 1,500,000, an increase in sales of € 45,000 could be achieved.

Of course, if you have a small business, it will be much less. In any case, you have a realistic framework for setting a budget.

How much is a website? Only the context and the goal give the numbers meaningfulness.

So if you run a part-time small business, investing in an individual website will not be helpful. A kit or a finished theme can be a good choice for you. If your needs and your small business grow, then the step to becoming a professional agency may well be worthwhile for you.

If you care about big budgets, then you do not want to take any chances. A professional partner at your side is essential. We are prepared and specialized in that.