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How I get things sorted out
Getting Things Done
David Allen

Since I founded braindinx GmbH in 2015, the number of books I’ve read – like Getting Things Done by David Allen – has increased rapidly. This is mainly due to the fact that the tasks and challenges I face are constantly growing. As an entrepreneur, I have a responsibility not only for our customers and the agency’s services, but also for the team. Personal experiences are just as important as experienced advisors, a strong network and good books.

Maybe one or the other book is also an enrichment for you. Ralf Jentzen recommended this book to me some time ago. Many thanks for that!

It is a very fantastic approach to sort the tasks, ideas and challenges of everyday life, to put them in a meaningful order and to do them. I don’t stick to the ideas and concepts 100%, but there are two very essential approaches that I have adopted and that help me immensely.

I write down all ideas, tasks and impulses and sort them. That really helps me in everyday life. For me, OneNote is the optimal tool for this task.

The 5 minute rule (or 3 or 2) also helps a lot. If it takes less than this short time, do it directly.

How extensively you implement all categories of the book, you have to test for yourself in practice. It is particularly nice that the book accompanies the reader in the implementation and you can start right away. I did that from the beginning and it was enriching for me – professionally and privately.

The Getting Things Done – Time Management Method: Simply organized

“You should have been at an appointment for a long time, but then the cell phone rings and the email inbox overflows again. There is less and less time for sport and relaxation and in the end you are resigned, burned out, unproductive and completely stressed. But that need not be. Because the more relaxed we are, the more creative and productive we become. With David Allen’s simple and application-oriented method, both are possible again: working efficiently and regaining the joy of life. ”

About David Allen

David Allen, born in Jonesboro, Louisiana in 1945, has been a successful management consultant and trainer for over 20 years. He is considered one of the most influential thinkers on productivity and has worked as a consultant for Microsoft, the U.S. Navy and the World Bank, among others.

Allen lives with his wife in Ojai, California. His book “How I get things sorted” appears in a completely updated and expanded new edition by Piper Verlag.

Getting Things Done
Released on April 13, 2015
Translated by: Helmut Reuter
432 pages, paperback
EAN 978-3-492-30720-8