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braindinx neue Homepage online

May is all new – under this motto we have published our new homepage.

Several years have passed since the foundation of braindinx GmbH at the end of 2014. Since then, we have not changed our company logo, and our homepage was getting a bit old.

It will be familiar to most readers. Many orders, deadlines, the shortage of skilled workers, and the appearance of their own company are moving far back on the to-do list.

We could have simply said, “The cobbler always has the worst shoes”.

But we have decided that we want to set a good example. Therefore, we prefer to show, based on our own image, which possibilities exist to make the potential of a company visible.

Since January, we have worked intensively on the appearance of braindinx GmbH.

What measures did we carry out?

First of all, we looked at all our inventory, because over the years, there was a lot going on. Concepts, designs, references, and text material.

We have subjected our logo to a ReFresh. In essence, the recognition value has been preserved. The color scheme is a bit fresher and the “X” has become a bit more distinctive. We also broke away from our old claim. The slogan “design agency” puts it in a nutshell and optimizes readability.

A Conceptual Challenge

It was a big challenge to solve our overall concept. How do we bring our services to the point, and how can we set clear priorities?

The result is a clear focus on three core areas. Branding, web design and graphic design. Here we can fully exploit our strengths.

A New Homepage

Our own homepage has long been on the to-do list. High time to map the new concept and corporate design on the web.

Tim Haag has been a breath of fresh air in our web department since February 2019. He not only readily accepted this challenge. He has literally plunged into the work.

The whole team was intensively involved, because apart from the concept, the core of the page had to be worked out. The references that are now presented as case studies are now shown.

There was also support from other sources. The photo shoot for the complete illustration of the homepage was realized with Niclas Rimek. A great cooperation.

For the English translation we had support from Ivonne’s wife, Sarah. As a Texan and native speaker, she’s been a fantastic help for us.

A great teamwork with a lot of time and heart.

We are curious how you like the result.
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