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braindinx Printdesign Magazin

As announced, the second edition of our agency magazine has arrived freshly printed.

The first edition of our agency magazine is now almost a year ago. The response was great and it was also a great opportunity for us to review the past year.

Therefore we are really happy to present you the second edition of the agency magazine.

We have an enormously eventful time behind us. So much has happened in the past 12 months that we really wonder how it all fit into one year.

Design Thinking has the greatest and most noticeable impact on our agency. The approach has prompted us to rethink all processes in the agency and realign many aspects. A very essential result of these considerations is the guiding principle “ diagnosis before design ” – from page 8.

The gap between strategy, business and design requires a completely new path. This is exactly where our CORE workshop comes in – from page 10. StylescapesTM overcome the boundary between strategy and design. It is the illustration of the results of our CORE workshop . This is where valuable foundations are created for companies in the development process or change.

The whole team has to smile when I quote Chris Do. The inspiration and the influence that the American agency Blind and the academy thefutur that was born from it has on us is enormous.

Speaking of the team, there have also been major changes here.

Rabia Waraich strengthens the print team and shows that you can return to work successfully even after 14 years. We are very happy about our “pixel smith” Tim Haag , who decided in early 2019 to enrich our team as an integral part and head of the web department. Our web apprentice is Tim Scheer – the second Tim in the team – from page 22. Ivonne Pajunk heads the print design department and, in addition to Rabia, also supports our apprentice Leon Schippers . Our IT is a family thing and has been in the hands of Tim Stellmach , our IT system administrator, since 2019. The third Tim in the league. For bigger challenges we are happy to have a professional partner, Lihs IT-Management GmbH, at our side. Family and work also continue with Sarah Priddy , Ivonne’s wife. Sarah is the back of all of us as a service worker behind the scenes.

In 2019, we introduced flexitime in the agency. A model that offers everyone in the team more flexibility and freedom. There was a great photo shoot with Niclas Rimek, the re-branding of our corporate design and the publication of our new website in 2019. 2020 will also be exciting!

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If you couldn’t get hold of the print version yet, the whole magazine is now available for download.