Diagnose before Design

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braindinx Diagnose Before Design

Why we start projects with a Discover phase.

A very typical situation from an agency’s everyday life, as it was with us earlier on the agenda.

Customer X contacts us and asks Project Y This could be, for example, a new website. Once the scope and price are defined, the work starts and we deliver Y. The customer is satisfied because he has received exactly what he asked for.

But was it the right solution for the challenge? How did the customer know that he needs Project Y? Is the effect sustainable? Have we created added value for our customer?

The truth is, we do not know.

Today we go another way. We follow the principle “Diagnosis before Design”

Let’s just mentally replace the above situation with a visit to a doctor.

Would you go to the doctor and tell him that you need solution Y for your problem X? Probably not. Would your doctor treat you on the basis of your own diagnosis? Hopefully not.

They seek the advice and help of an expert. They want a thorough, competent and conscientious investigation. Your problem should be clearly identified so that the right treatment can be initiated.

OK – we are not doctors. Point for you. But is the situation really different?

We are experts in our field and you come to us to find the best solution for your problem / challenge. Without a detailed analysis, the chances of success here are very low.

That is why we first consider the most important factors before working together. Depending on the size of the project these are:

  1. The goals of cooperation
  2. The challenge for which a solution should be found
  3. Your customers / target group and their challenges
  4. Your brand attributes

Our first meeting is a good first step to gain an overview.

For an extensive project, such as rebranding a company or starting a business, we go into depth with our CORE Meeting.

In this way, we ensure that we have a clear goal in mind. We specify our tasks, get to know your customers and define your brand attributes.

Diagnosis before design – this is how we achieve added value and achieve sustainable success.