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A creative letter is the basis for a successful project

There are a few important factors for a project to start successfully. We have developed a clear workflow so that success is not a coincidence but can be planned and reproduced. One component is the Creative Brief. It is a short summary of the project. The scope is no more than one A4 page. We usually provide it as a PDF.

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Formulate goals

The success of our cooperation can only be ensured and measured if we formulate clear goals at the beginning. The Creative Brief is exactly the right place for this. We record the goal of the project here in order to always have it clearly in mind.

Describe the target group

In order to make the right decisions, it is important to know who we are realizing the project for. If you do not know your target group exactly or do not have a clear picture of your desired customer, our CORE workshop is a sensible measure for you.

Record framework conditions

What are the general conditions for your project? Are there any special features in your industry or important background information? We take all relevant factors into account right from the start of the project.

Set milestones

Without a clear schedule and intermediate steps, the way remains uncertain. We don’t disappear in the creative black box, we take you on the way. Milestones, sections, meetings and presentations keep you up to date.

scope of delivery

What can you expect at the end of the project? We specify the scope of the website or the amount of print media or promotional items and the rights of use here very precisely.

Assign team

A personal contact person for your project not only saves unnecessary explanations, but also provides the necessary security. Good communication and easy ways are essential for us. At this point the responsibilities are clearly stated in the creative letter.

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Creative Brief – the way to a successful project.

If you were interested in this topic, then have a look at our article ” 5 steps to a successful project start “. The Creative Brief is an important step on the way to a successful project.