CorelDRAW – An old friend is leaving the agency in 2019

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I have to admit it was not an easy step for me.

After all, CorelDraw has been with me for almost 20 years.

I met Corel many years ago to help out. The software accompanied me through my training and the first years of my professional career. Ivonne and Rabia also have a similar background. I think I can also speak for the two when I say: For us, the final farewell is accompanied by a bit of melancholy.

An old friend is leaving the agency in 2019

CorelDraw Graphics Suite is a graphics and image processing software from Corel Corporation that is particularly popular on Windows systems. The latest version is now also available across platforms for Mac and Windows.

Now for sure many of you will say, “What? CorelDraw? This is not a professional graphics application. You can’t work professionally with Corel. ”

I’ve heard that hundreds of times. In the vocational school, in the network and from some suppliers. This is complete nonsense. At least since version X5. With this version, the color management was completely reprogrammed and now corresponded to the worldwide industry standard, which was largely shaped by Adobe.

Canon or Nikon?

This is exactly how you can talk about whether Canon or Nikon are producing the better SLR cameras. If the discussion ignites again, the pictures are apparently not as exciting as the tool. The professional will use Hasselblad anyway, pay attention to the lighting and create a great picture. Then you talk about it – about the image, not the camera.

Nikon and Canon are great examples of branding and customers that form a community. Neither are they guarantors for great pictures, because in the end the models of almost all manufacturers can do the same. Nevertheless, there are an infinite number of bad photos.

What I actually want to say is that the results count and not the tools. It’s about creativity, individuality, concepts, visions, structures, analysis, empathy and reliability.

David vs. Goliath

For me, CorelDRAW was a loyal companion. I have developed and implemented hundreds of layouts, logos and entire corporate designs with Corel over the years. As a company, the software was also a cheap alternative in the first few years, apart from industry standards.

And to be honest, it was a bit of rebellion. The “David against Goliath” principle was probably also there.

There are some advantages to Corel, and I’m not a fan of choosing the industry standard because it’s the industry standard. But as an entrepreneur you have to ask yourself other questions. What is the price of this rebellion? Who pays him? And what are the advantages of being away from the standard? To be against it on principle is just as wrong as blind trust in the herd.

The fact that I am writing this article today should also be a small proof that you can build a professional foundation and even a company with CorelDRAW.

Then why the end for CorelDRAW?

The answer to that is pretty simple. It is a pragmatic, responsible and entrepreneurially mature decision. We have gone through major developments in recent years. Personnel, conceptual and also structural. We have matured as an agency, you could say.

1. Responsibility

We are a training company. We support young people on their way to their professional life. It is our responsibility to train so that everyone has a chance in the industry. Not only in terms of skills and knowledge, but also in dealing with the Adobe Creative Suite . Regardless of the fact that we always train with the aim of the takeover. Of course, the claim applies not only to our trainees, but to the entire team.

2. Growth

Our team is growing steadily and we can always win more, great and creative people for the agency. The Adobe Creative Suite ensures that team integration is quick and easy. Of course there are other factors – but the software is no longer an obstacle. Our web developer Tim Haag is particularly pleased.

3. Tools and workflow

The tools that Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign give us are just too good.

You can feel the experience. Everything is well thought out and mature. Everything interlocks and continues logically. Not to mention a huge community, forums, video extensions and templates.

The tool that really picked me up (there are many more) but if I have to name just one: the Adobe Illustrator CC 2019 Shape Builder Tool.

Here are a few quick tools:

4. Cost

Of course it is also a question of cost. The trend in all areas today is SaaS – Software as a Service. Adobe also switched here some time ago. Corel has always been the cheap alternative. This no longer applies today. I still don’t understand many pricing models at Adobe. It is sometimes frustrating. But the gap has become so small that this argument is no longer valid.

An enormous challenge

Changing the design software in everyday agency work is an enormous challenge. Of course, productivity suffers in the first weeks and months. There is not really the right time for such an incision. It’s a constant change between programs. It goes hand in hand with finding tools and learning shortcodes.

But we are already noticing that the changeover is paying off and that it was worth taking the step.

As a result, it is an optimized workflow, tools that support us considerably and make our work easier. These are possibilities that did not exist in the form before.

A creeping exit

Of course, the switch to Adobe Creative Suite doesn’t come suddenly. It is the result of a gradual change. It started with the first use of Adobe Lightroom at the start of the agency in 2015, a fantastic program for retouching.

A short time later, Photoshop followed and the switch to a subscription to Adobe.

In 2019, the final consequence was the switch to the Creative Cloud and the complete change of software at the start of the 2019/20 apprenticeship year.

We are very happy that we have people at our side who accompany and support the process.

A few days ago there was an intensive in-house training by Patrick Buchta.

Thanks old friend

Corel Draw has served us well for many years. It’s a good old friend’s retirement. In any case, this applies to part of the team.

We will still meet in 2020 when we roam the archives on our server.

Thanks CorelDRAW, it was a great time with you!