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Brand Agency, design agency or advertising agency. There are many names to describe a design agency. It’s always about the concept and the idea behind it. Names are interchangeable and say very little at first. Nevertheless, it is an up-to-date and very important topic for us.

For me as an entrepreneur and managing director of braindinx GmbH, it is both a task and a challenge to constantly work on our company. The market and the needs of our customers are in a constant development process. Digitization continues. It will stop just as little as disruptive attackers in our industry.

At the same time we all face a similar problem. Today we have too many choices and too little time.

At this point a small slot:

That is true at least with the privileged view of the First World countries. We tend to forget how small and luxurious our problems really are. But that’s another topic. If you want to, look how we see our social responsibility and what each one of us can contribute.

The further our agency develops, the more I ask myself and the entire team a few questions.

How do we describe our design agency most aptly? What distinguishes us in the wealth of possibilities? How can we give you orientation? What is our unique selling point? How do we communicate it purposefully and in such a way that the core of our work becomes immediately clear?

We are not much different from our customers, who come to us with similar challenges. However, the challenge is always greater when we work for ourselves. It simply lacks the view from the outside.

Why we are not a full service advertising agency, you may have read in our last post.

Marty Neumeier describes several forms of agency concepts in his book “The Brand Gap”. For us and our view today, the concept or the idea of ​​the “Brand Agency” really fits the basic idea very well.

Brand Agency

braindinx brand agency modell

What is a brand agency?

The term describes the model and action focus of an agency. As the name suggests, the focus is on the brand – the brand. We have a clear focus on the concept, build-up and sustainable communication of your brand. Starting with the concept about the target group, brand attributes up to strategy and design. That is exactly the core of our work.

The Brand

The areas of branding, web design and graphic design are directly interlinked in this focus. We cover this portfolio from a single source. Our team is highly specialized and experienced here. Of course, the needs of our customers often go beyond this range of services.

As a brand agency we can do much more for our customers. Through networking with highly specialized partners, we can build and expand your brand in all relevant specialist areas.

An important added value for our customers is that we take over the complete handling of all orders. This ensures that the brand, brand name and target group as well as corporate design are adhered to and taken into account.

This concerns especially area like

  • text editing
  • translation
  • photography
  • videography
  • Motion design
  • 3D animation
  • SEO / SEM / SEA
  • advertising technology
  • Advertising Materials
  • print production
  • textile design
  • ready-made clothing
  • event Production

The decisive difference to the full service agency is that we do not map all service areas ourselves. This is how we make sure to get the highest quality results, because we can get the best and most experienced partners for the project when the need arises. The whole thing happens for our customers without additional effort in communication and coordination.

As a brand agency we take over this part completely for you.