Membership in the Alliance of German Designers (AGD)

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braindinx Allianz deutscher Designer

Braindinx GmbH has been an official member of the Alliance of German Designers (AGD) since January 2020

For 40 years, the AGD has been the voice of freelance designers in all design disciplines, heard in business, politics and society. The Alliance of German Designers has been committed to the interests of its members in particular and the design industry in general since the association was founded.

We live in the age of digitization. Processes are constantly being optimized. Efficiency is increased and profit maximized.

As an agency, employer, employee, parent and family, we feel increasing pressure to perform. Our children are measured against uniform standards, our work performance in numbers and tables. The space for individuality and creativity is getting smaller.

Fundamental social values ​​in the way people live together are falling behind today. Social coldness and anonymity are side effects of digitization, which is hard to imagine today. Often the question of profit comes before that of benefit.

The good news is that we are not powerless. We don’t just want to be part of the world. We want to actively shape and even change them. As a member of the Alliance of German Designers (AGD), we can live up to this responsibility for our industry and our profession.

The Alliance of German Designers (AGD)

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