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Category Date 11. January 2019 Author
braindinx Bündnis für Familie Herzogenrath

On January 11, 2019, as a new ally, as part of the New Year’s reception of the city of Herzogenrath, we signed the alliance agreement of the Local Alliance for the Herzogenrath Family.

Here is the agreement:

Alliance Agreement

Family-friendliness is one of the central social concerns of our time. In Germany, demographic change is underway with a low birth rate compared to other European countries, and increasing amount of older people. Overall, this development affects social, and economic development. This particularly affects the municipalities, including Herzogenrath. In order to sustainably influence this development, we need a social climate that strengthens, and promotes families.

Family shapes the first environment of girls and boys. Family is the first place where children are educated. Families are also the place where most people find home care because they are ill, disabled, or elderly.

The signatories therefore consider it necessary to place the situation of the families in Herzogenrath at the center of political, and social interest and action, in order to make the model of family life a new attraction.

In the “Alliance for the Herzogenrath Family” we want to further improve the situation of families, initiate and expand the exchange of information, and networking as well as give impulses for new projects.

The Alliance

  • Consists of a broad base of partners
  • Is non-partisan, non-denominational, open to new alliance partners
  • Works sustainably, continuously, networked and project-related
  • Is dedicated to the topic of family in all its diversity
  • Initiates projects and discusses topics.