With our work we stand for sustainability and a sustainable, ecological, socially compatible and economically successful design

As an agency, designer and parent, we have a great responsibility. We shape the world we live in and it is up to us what we leave to our children and the generations after us.

Developing an awareness of sustainability is only the first step. We keep our eyes open to work more and more sustainably. It is a process that should be looked at and checked again and again.

braindinx Nachhaltigkeit 2019
Developing an awareness of sustainability is only the first step.
braindinx Allianz deutscher Designer
Braindinx GmbH has been an official member of the Alliance of German Designers (AGD) since January 2020

Sustainable design AGD – Alliance of German designers

“Designers are largely responsible for how our world is designed. Design shapes, design is a role model and creates new awareness. Design uses resources – sometimes more, sometimes less. Design has to do justice to the sustainable use of natural resources, the environment and people who should be able to live in this world for generations to come. ”(Sustainable Design AGD – Alliance of German Designers)

Of course, this goal can only be achieved together and in accordance with the customer. Together with our clients, we develop individual, sustainable concepts for design, production and use. Advising clients is an important building block for the implementation of sustainable design.

Climate neutral agency 2020

We work with numerous network partners to achieve and achieve these goals. Simple standard products can be CO2 neutralized and made on recycled paper. But there are also highly specialized printing partners such as natureOffice available, who can use special environmentally friendly colors in addition to special papers. In this way, a substantial contribution can already be made.

A great example of the possibilities is our agency magazine, which is published annually. Our magazine is produced on 100% recycled paper. The printing inks are vegan and are based on vegetable oils. Green electricity from renewable energies and climate-neutral production ensure a good CO2 balance.

In the 2019 financial year, the agency generated 15.157 t CO2. The entire amount of greenhouse gases was taken as the basis for 2020 and compensated for by the payment in the climate protection project “BRAZIL NUT RAINFOREST COMMUNITY PROJECT – Forest Protection PERU” via natureOffice.

Braindinx Klimaneutral 2020 Urkunde
Climate-neutral companies not only have a positive effect on the climate.