The foundation stone for braindinx GmbH is laid. The business plan and a logo design are taking shape.


Foundation and certification of braindinx GmbH in January. In November, the first employee joined the braindinx GmbH team as part of a retraining.


The new company homepage will be published in January. In October the agency continued to grow and a companion came on board. Ivonne Pajunk strengthens the team.


Braindinx GmbH becomes a member of the Institute for Customer Satisfaction and a recognized training company at the IHK Aachen.


After a successful internship, Tim Scheer becomes part of the team. Fay Alturk has been with us since August as an FOS intern. Tim Stellmach becomes IT system administrator in September.


Introduction of flexitime at the start of the year. Reinforcement for the web team, Tim Haag joins us and Rabia Waraich reinforces the team in the area of ​​graphic design.
Start of training with Leon Schippers and Tim Scheer.


Membership in the alliance of German designers. Award from the Institute for Customer Satisfaction.

Our little history at a glance

On January 5th, 2015 braindinx GmbH started as a big, first step on a new path.

The first office had two jobs and the team consisted of Dani and Jan Stellmach. The expectations and hopes associated with the opening of their own agency were more than exceeded after the first 100 days. Today it is enough for a small history.

Over time, the team grew and the office became fuller. The agency’s success has exceeded all expectations.

braindinx Agentur Historie 2015
History: When it was founded in 2015, the office space with two workstations was still very manageable.